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pozivnica baner

Dear Seniors and Youth Orchestra,

We invite you to the 11th International Amateur Wind Orchestra Competition Mitteleuropa Blasmusikfest 2020 " which will be held from 07.05 (May) to 10.05 (May).2020.in the northern Adriatic - Kvarner Riviera in the Cristal hall of the Hotel Kvarner in Opatija, a well-known tourist destination on the Adriatic Sea, while the solemn parade of wind orchestra and common music(three songs)will be held in the city of Rijeka (the European city of culture of the year 2020) on the famous Promenada ( Korzo) . Distance Opatija from the city of Rijeka is 10 km. All wind orchestras and their escorts from distant places of Croatia and abroad will be located at the Hotel Uvala Scott in Kraljevica, 4 km from the Rijeka Airport.

The aim of the international competition is to increase the quality of amateur work, the development of mutual cooperation of wind orchestras and the popularization of wind music in Croatia and the Central European region and beyond. The orchestras from other parts of the world may also apply to the competition.
The orchestras will compete in three senior categories (A, B, C) and two youth (D and E) categories by the degree of performance weight.

The Program of the Mitteleuropa Blasmusikfest 2020

The program consists of two parts:

  1. Obligatory competition at the Cristal Hall in the Hotel Kvarner in Opatija.
    In this hall are held Croatian competition for song for european competition for Eurovision
  2. Ceremonial parade of all orchestras will be held in Rijeka on the famous city promenade Rijeka -Korzo. Orchestras play the songs of your own choice. Afterwards, all orchestras will play together three compositions ( Radetzky marsch, Show time Abel Lex and local song Serenada o Opatiji).
    The organizer is obliged to send scores of these compositions after the official registration of the orchestra at the competition.

1. Obligatory part of the competition

Those orchestras that choose to be in more difficult categories, can choose between the highest level, the high level, the middle level and the lowel level. In those four categories they will have to perform three different compositions.

a.) Introductory composition
b.) Obligatory composition
c.) Composition of choice

The order of performance of the obligatory composition and the composition of choice is not set, but has to be duly announced to the jury prior to their performance. The introductory composition will not be graded. This composition has to be a work of a high artistic value.

The choice of the obligatory composition will determine the category to which the orchestra will be assigned to. The composition of choice has to be of the same or of the similar level as the obligatory composition. Instrumental or vocal soloist compositions are not going to be allowed.
The performance time in each of the four categories must not exceed 30 minutes.The orchestras will exchange on stage every 40 minutes.
Each orchestra have to send the organizer five copies of the composition of choice by March 10.th 2020.

Obligatory composition

Senior categories

A) - Degree of difficulty 4.5/5 - Philip Sparke - Sinfonietta n ° 4 – Anglo Music
B) - Degree of difficulty 3.5/4 - Franco Cesarini - Images of a City - Mitropa Music
C) - Degree of difficulty 2.5/3 - Jacob de Haan - Ministry of Winds - De Haske Music

Youth categories
D) - Degree of difficulty 2/2.5- Luciano Feliciani - Old American Song - Scomegna Music Editions
E) - Degree of difficulty 1.5/2 - Fritz Neubock - Checkpoint - Rundel Verlag

Entry fee to the festival for category A ,B, C D and E is 240€ per orchestra. Conductor or leader of the orchestra has Gratis accommodation and food at the festival.
All participants will get the festival brochure as a souvenir so that they could remember this important event that will promote wind music.
For applicationr contest, accommodation and other organizational issues please on email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For questions about the competition category, please contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opatija Pearl of the Adriatic - Rijeka - European City of Culture 2020!!!
www.blasmusikfestival.net (Mitteleuropa Blasmusikfest 2020 Opatija)